Android Application Development
If your target demographic is young, you really need to consider an Android app as part of your mobile strategy.

Google Android is an operating system as opposed to a single device. It has been pushed hard by Telco’s in Australia for users who can’t or don’t want to pay for the generally more expensive iPhone plans. This has resulted in a skew towards a younger demographic and a wide range of devices supporting the platform.

For Android app developers like ourselves, building native Android apps gives us the opportunity to provide your customers with a wide range of features, sometimes the feature set within Android devices is more advanced than on the iPhone platform, so there’s some great opportunities out there.

Advantages of Android development

  • Native features such as camera, GPS, notifications etc
  • Exposure to a young demographic
  • Fast load and response times
  • Data can be stored within the device
  • Android is the fastest growing mobile platform


We also undertake major projects for large corporations and Government organisations, but we are unable to show you these projects on our website because they are protected by non-disclosure agreements.