One of the single most important influences for any online business venture is Search Engines. Search engines are used by millions of people every day to find your website and more importantly, what your website is offering over your competitors online today.

Search Engines

The most popular search engines today are: Google, Yahoo, and  Bing  in Australia. Search engines account for around 98% of all search traffic on the web and as such represent the most important place to have good search results.

Search Results

When people enter search terms (or key words) into a search engine they get search results. With over 6 billion pages on the web to choose from, the search engine will rank the results according to complex algorithms that place what the search engine thinks is the most relevant at the top of the results. We understand search engines better than our competitors because we have worked with the Internet Committee, Google and Yahoo SEO experts.

The aim is that your website pages are highly placed in these results, which will correspond to a huge increase in traffic and business.

Intelligent Key Word Research & Selection

The search terms people use to find things on the search engines are referred to as Key Words. Finding the right key words is a vital step in preparing your site for Search Engine Optimisation.


Need more details?

Given every site is different we cannot outline every possible facet of search engine optimisation. We offer a consulting service which will provide you with a detailed proposal for your consideration. If you need help implementing our recommendations, we also provide a Web Design and content writing services to Get Your Web Site to the First Page of Google Search Results.