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6. Privacy Policy

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Web Sites/ Software application development including IPhone applications

1. New Changes or Requirements Policy

When a new change or requirement is received by the client; the YST sales team will provide a new quote to the client.

Once the quote is accepted by the client; the YST team will develop the new change. Then YST team will take minimum of 2 weeks to test any new changes or requirements on the test server of YST. It is the responsibility of clients to test the quality of software or work delivered. Timeline of the project will vary depends on Client’s response time. Therefore YST will not take any timeline, quality of software or cost changes responsibility at any time.

2. Software/ Application Deployment Policy on Client’s Server

It is the responsibility of the client to test the working software on YST’s test server to make sure the software product is in working order as expected.

Client must settle all outstanding accounts prior to deploying any software applications on the client’s server infrastructure. Until the full payment is received; the ownership of software applications remain the property of YST.

Upon receiving the final payment and the deployment request is received from the client via email to sales team; the deployment process will commence.

YST staff requires minimum of 5 days to deploy and test the software application on the client’s production server. It is the responsibility of the client to test to make sure the software application is working in the production or live environment of client’s site as expected.

If the issues are introduced due to incompatibility of software and hardware versions of the client’s servers or infrastructure; the deployment will take longer. YST will not take any responsibility or liability for any dysfunctionality of software on client’s production or live server due to any incompatibility issues. YST team recommends the client to check the compatible hardware and software platform with YST team prior to engaging any external hosting providers or services.

3. After Sales Support

After sales support is provided only after purchasing the support package from sales staff of YST. We will not provide any data entry services for existing clients.

4. Refund Policy

This policy is applicable to all services provided by YST, whether specified on this website, www.yst.com.au, or otherwise purchased by you. In purchasing any Products or Services from YST you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this Refund Policy. Do not purchase any Products or Services if you do not accept these Terms.

YST believes in providing a quality service and helping them to our best. For refunds please simply contact us with the details of the product/service you rendered within 7 days of your purchase. Also optionally we would like to know the reason why you request a refund. We take our customer feedback very seriously and we take a constant approach to improve the quality of our service.

Refund amounts for Web site Design/Software development including mobile

1. If the work is not commenced by us due to not receiving clear requirements on-time  from the client then  the deposit is non refundable.

2. Up to mock up approval 40% will be charged and this is non-refundable

3. Between mock up and final stage 80% will be charged and this non refundable

However our refund policy will not be applicable for the following instances.

Web sites/ Software development including mobile applications

1) If you purchased a special promotional offer,

2) If you change your mind,

3) If you have approved the logo / mock up design for web sites or software applications including mobile applications,

4) If your work was started and or one of your samples or one or more logo design/web design/software application changes were implemented at your request,

5) If the client for whom the logo design/web design/software application created goes bankrupt or changes its name or changes its nature of business/activity,

6) If the project was cancelled for reason(s) unrelated to the software project implemented by YST,

7) If you do not communicate with YST for more than 1 month since the software project was submitted,

 Architecture work

Please read quotations carefully. Architecture work includes plans for planning permit only. If you require plans for building permit, you will have to pay separate charges for building permit. Our quotation does not include charges for site visits, soil test, civil engineering, survey, project management, town planning, meetings with third party including council, neighbour, VCAT etc, 3D work etc. If you require these services please speak to your sales staff to include these charges.

1) If you purchased a special promotional offer,

2) If you change your mind,

3) We have completed the Preliminary sketch or had first site visit or had first or second discussions over the phone, face to face or via online or any other method,

4) If you do not communicate with YST for more than 1 month since the project was submitted.

Deposits and Payments

After the work is commenced, deposits for products and services are non-refundable.

Service Plan

Cancellation of any Service Plan including hosting is non-refundable.


No free training will be offered. Training packages must be purchased. In the event that you cannot attend a course or a confirmed training session, a full refund will be given when cancellation is notified more than 36 hours prior to the training date. Otherwise a refund, less an administration charge of $100, will be given. Refunds will be processed within 10 working days of notification of cancellation. Our standard services do not include training plans. When/if required a training plan has to be arranged.

Data Entry work

The price does not include any data entry work to customer sites. Customers are required to enter all data including text, images etc into their website. If the customers require data entry work, customers will have to purchase this service by paying additional charges (hourly charge is $55.00).

Customer Responsibility

It is the responsibility of customers to provide all original contents including requirements, logos, data, text, pictures, and all other information (website c-panel details, merchant account details etc) including approval to complete the website or application on-time. If the web site is delayed due to delays caused by customers in providing any information related to building the software or web sites, YST will not take any responsibility. At the end of the development, customers are required to conduct customer / User Acceptance Testing (UAT) prior to uploading the their site into their production site or live server.

If the deposit, progress or final payments are not received all development work will stop. If the development work is stopped due to payment delays; interest will be charged at a market rate. Final product will be uploaded or released only after receiving the final payment.

Once the software or website is deployed into client’s infrastructure (eg.Client’s Hosting/ Client’s IT provider); it is the responsiblity of clients to resolve all technical issues caused by client’s infrastructure team as YST will not take any responsibility or liability caused or raised from deployment or and software functionality issues caused by the deployment or and incompatibility of client’s hardware/operating systems/hosting software.YST team may help the client to resolve these issues only if the clients are prepared to pay maintenance fees to resolve  some issues arised due to software configuration but if the client’s infrastructure is not compatible with our software, YST will not take any responsibility or  liability or refund any money. This is the SOLE responsibility and liability of clients.

Intellectual property and ownership of software

All developed products (websites, applications, iPhone etc) including source code is a property of YST. No third party companies are allowed to make any changes to YST without written permission from the CEO of YST. If the customer requires the ownership, contact sales team and show us the proof of software ownership license from the CEO of YST with the endorsed GOLD seal.


If you are not happy with any of our services, please contact YST in writing, and we will endeavour to provide you with a satisfactory outcome.

Outstanding invoices

If the client fails to pay the outstanding money, YST will charge 14% interest rate for all delayed payments. All work will be stopped if the progress payment is not made on-time.


written requests for refunds should be sent

Refund will be by credit card, cheque or direct deposit only at YST’s sole discretion and will be made within 30 days from receipt of written request. Please note that all the refunds will be considered only according to our refund policy. Please note that all the refunds will be considered only according to our refund policy.

This policy may be changed from time to time in YST’s sole discretion and without any prior notice or liability to you or any other person. New versions of this Policy will be updated so please check back for updates.


Software application means websites, any software products developed by YST. Architecture means drafting work developed by our Architects.

Complaint Management

Your report of complaint will be acknowledged within five working days on receipt if the complaint does not require an investigation.

In case the complaint requires an investigation we will make our best efforts to provide you with a response within 30 days.

If the complaint in question is a complex nature and if we are unable to give a response within 30 days we will keep you informed about the progress being made and an estimated timeframe for finalisation.