A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool for creating, uploading and editing digital content on your website. Digital content includes text and design images, plus link to internal or external destinations. A CMS gives the users complete control over their website.

Some of the most popular content management systems available today include Joomla, Drupal and Mambo.  Joomla, Drupal and Mambo are the content management systems that are open source, meaning the source code is made available for web site designers to download, use, edit and improve.


All of our website design projects come with a Content Management System (CMS). This will provide you an ability to create and manage pages within your website. We can offer Blogs, Events Directories, Form Builders, Secure Pages, FAQs, Site Maps, Site Searches, Links, Galleries, Email Marketing modules at an extra price.  These modules can be included in a new website or added to an existing website at a later stage.

Free Editing using a CMS?

Once the website is created, you can update the content without paying someone to maintain the site.

The benefits of creating a website using YST CMS:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to build content
  • Easy to create pages
  • Manageable from any location
  • Can be backed-up for your security

YST CMS provides:

  • Change valuable information such as contact, images, context information
  • Upload pages, images and text at anytime
  • View pages as you create and edit
  • Create and build your own offers
  • Build and archive content
  • Maintain blog

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What is next?

We find that the best way to understand a customer’s web design needs is to discuss it with you directly. It will be impossible for a web design company to deliver a successful website without a thorough understanding of your organisation. One of our experts and friendly staff would love to chat with you about your new website and how YST team can help you realise your website goals. This is 100% obligation free service.

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Features of YST’s CMS websites include:

Full website admin panel where you can manage every aspect of your website.

Sharp, clean, and professional appearance.

Create up to 50 + pages.

Edit website pages at any time (as simple as using Microsoft word).

Create customers/members only areas.

Create a gallery to display images and/or products.

Price starts from $960+GST